Personal Responses

From this project I have learned a lot more about youth culture in the 1950s. The most interesting is that how the videos perceive teenagers of the decade isn’t entirely how the youth behaved. The 1950s was the beginning of the “teenager” as its own age group with its own fashion, music, and ultimately culture. Teenagers in the 1950s paved the way for future generations of “rebels” and self-expression. Collectively youth culture in the 1950s, like the decade itself, was a time for change and with all change comes chaos. Therefore the rebellion, rock-n-roll insanity, and provocative dress; all of which were unheard of at the time all gave way to the norms of our today. From this project I learned that when conformity forced onto a generation, rebellion will spring creating new culture.


As a teenager myself, I loved watching Grease the movie. This movie was made in the late 70’s supposedly about a couple from the 1950’s. I was very infatuated with the movie especially Sandy’s transformation into a super sexy Pink Lady. I mention this because up until this project all I knew about the 1950’s was recycled information from Grease the movie. As a movie made in the 70’s there was definitely some extraneous information and exaggerated ideas. From reaching about the 1950’s and focusing on the youth scene, I learned a lot about the decade. The 1950’s was a crazy time for change. The political, social, economic movements combined with the Cold War made for a unique teen experience. The big changes seemed to come in new fashions, raunchier music, new dance moves, more openness and about sex and dating. I researched the 1950’s as a whole but specifically looked into sports and recreation and entertainment. I am excited to show the class what i have learned from the project.


I have learned a great deal from this project about the 1950’s. I had no idea rock and roll was a combination of rhythm and blues music. I found it interesting that the parent generations did not like rock and roll, they thought that it would turn their children into “juvenile delinquents”. Parents feared that their children would start dressing and acting like their beloved musicians. I had no idea that there was this type of fear. I had grown up listening to rock and roll during my childhood but I had never known the history behind it. Now I realized how difficult it must have been to be a rock and roll musician back in the 50’s. The teenage rebellion against the parent generation and rock and roll has paved the way for future youth cultures. This teenage movement shows how things can be accomplished, like the creation of new cultures.



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